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A yoga instructor needed a paid membership site that would allow for the members to have access to his yoga tutorial videos which are housed on the video platform, Brightcove. My company handled the  initial design (he wanted to do more afterwards) and development. I was tasked with developing the integration that would handle connecting to the api and pulling the videos according to how the client wanted. A few challenges here.

1.The challenge was that the bulk of the membership layout needed to be based on several custom video filters that didn’t exist in the Brightcove api.

I had to code up the filters using PHP to do things like sort videos by duration.

2. The Brightcove api plug-in was made to display a single video via a short code. Anything else had to be pulled from the api via custom code. 

The wodpress plug-in was never made for these kind of projects but was still useful cause it allowed to create a single page which would server as the sole page all the members needed to watch their videos. The page would pull the data from the url to know which video to display using the brightcove extension made by brightcove and I added all the code to display tags, descriptions and all that via the api.

3. The client wanted the membership area to be custom search page that was integrated with the Brightcove platform.

The search needed to do 2 things. Search his videos using whatever terms the members put in and also display some readily available videos based on custom filters. I had to code with respect to the token security and rate limit so that at no point in time would the members overload the api or make a bad request due to an expired or invalid token.


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March 2, 2018