Milwaukee Bucks

Screenshot of Milwaukee Bucks shopify site

The bucks needed a Shopify integration with their POS (point of sale) system that would sync their inventory stocks levels with Shopify and import the Shopify orders back into their system. There were a few challenges here.

1. The integration had to work with their product import team which managed their site and inventory via CSV imports.

This means we had to work alongside them to make sure they were adding a SKU or UPC to the items they import so we can sync the item’s qty to the POS

2. The POS system exported out XML files which we needed to upload and then process

We put together some batch files to upload the XML files from the server to the database then I coded up the scripts that will import the XML files to a database then send that data over to Shopify in the correct format.

3. The Shopify orders needed to be converted back into an XML with a specific layout so that they can be imported into the client’s POS system and deduct qty appropriately.

This took a bit of trial and error before I finally got this right. I coded up the process for pulling the Shopify orders, building an XML with the order data then batch files on the server would download that XML and import it into the client’s POS system.

All in all pretty neat!


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March 2, 2018